"First they ignore you; Then they laugh at you; Then they fight you;
Then you win.

-- Mohandas K. Gandhi

Use these articles and their resources in your efforts to reconnect to the natural world, to heal the separation that has been created by hundreds of years of an overdependence upon technology and a lack of appreciation of the web of life. Woven into these writings are many tools for you to use including ecofeminism, ecopsychology, deep ecology, spritual ecology and more.

We must begin this journey now. We have no other choice.

(c) 2002 Jackie Alan Giuliano. Permission is given to use these works in classroom learning situtations. For any other use, contact the author.

NOTE: Some of the websites in the commentary Resource links may no longer exist, but most can still be found with the help of the Internet Archive. If you are unable to find a site, go to http://www.archive.org and enter the link address. The Archive keeps a copy of most files from the entire Internet from the last 4 or 5 years.

NOTE: The Environment News Service is in the process of migrating its files to another server. As a result, some of the commentaries below may not be available for a time. If that occurs, type the title of the article you are looking for into a search engine and you will likely find it posted at another site. Email me if you are having trouble finding anything.

December 20, 1997 - How Will The New Year Be Different?
December 13, 1997 - Can The Solution Be So Simple?
December 9, 1997 - We Decide, Not Them.

November 29, 1997 - Not Just Another Day.
November 15, 1997 - The Grass Is Always Greener.

October 25, 1997 - Numb-ers.
October 12, 1997 - Clever Lies And Distractions.

September 28, 1997 - What Relationships?
September 20, 1997 - Is It Any Wonder?
September 7, 1997 - What Could Possibly Be Next?

August 30, 1997 - The Turning Of The Wheel.
August 24, 1997 - Hold On.
August 16, 1997 - Healing.
August 9, 1997 - From Rags To Riches - But Not For You And Me.

July 27, 1997 - Betrayal
July 21, 1997 - In A Class By Ourselves
July 13, 1997 - We Are On Mars Now: So What?
July 7, 1997 - It Doesn't Take Much.

June 28, 1997 - Greed.
June 21, 1997 - Goodbye Dad.
June 14, 1997 - Maybe We Should Have Just Stayed Home.
June 8, 1997 - Have You Come A Long Way, Baby?

May 31, 1997 - Do You Matter?
May 24, 1997 - Identity.
May 17, 1997 - Do You Know Where It Goes When You Flush?
May 10, 1997 - No One Is Untouched.
May 3, 1997 - Move, Feel, And Notice.

April 26, 1997 - Time To Pause.
April 19, 1997 - What Is Really Going On?
April 12, 1997 - This Morning, I Looked At The Paper.
April 5, 1997 - All Is Not As It Seems.

March 31, 1997 - What Are Basic Human Needs?
March 22, 1997 - Where Do We Draw The Line?
March 8, 1997 - Community.
March 1, 1997 - What Are We?

February 22, 1997 - Something Is Missing.
February 15, 1997 - Connecting And Noticing.
February 8, 1997 - What's The Problem?


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