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"I have a personal Mandala-Shield painted by Iona Sharron. It is intricate, intense and intimately mine and (a representa- tion of) myself. It is perfect for me.
Though my Mandala has been with me for several years, as I plunge further into my life it reveals itself to me anew in different layers, a deeper knowing, challenging.
-- JH, Seattle, WA

"When I first saw the Mandala Iona channeled for me, I realized I was viewing my whole life purpose at depth."
-- Rev. J.G., Hawaii

"It fills me with peace and joy. It lifts me!"
-- M.B., Stockholm, Sweden

Your personal Mandala Shield can provide a daily source of inspiration and reflection.

"Iona intuitively perceives symbols reflecting one's soul journey or spiritual path.
--  A.W., Arizona USA

".....a faultlessly accurate personal representation of spiritual wisdom and universal vision......"
-- B.T., Seattle

"Iona is an extraordinary psychic artist, energy healer and spiritual teacher ... She is blessed with a depth of spiritual knowledge, wisdom, and broad life experience, leavened with patience and humor. . . I would recommend that you meet or take a class from or do energy work with lona, yourself.  I am confident you will be convinced, as we are, of her genuineness, her positive energy, and her complete integrity."
(C.O, Seattle, WA)


Healing Practice

HealingSince 1974, Iona has been sharing many healing practices based on her own gifts and extensive research and study. Below are some examples of her services.

Personal Energy clearing and rebalancing

Locational Clearing

“Ghost Busting”; the clearing of haunting by lost or afraid souls whose physical bodies have died. Iona talks with them and, with spiritual guides, help these lost souls to go on to the next level on their own spiritual path, leaving your home or place of business ghost free.

Clearing of old energy left behind by the emotional outbursts of others or build-up of event signatures over time. Very helpful when moving into a previously owned house. This is also helpful to realtors who will more easily find buyers when the energy is clear in a house.

Recall of Past Lives, and clearing of old blocks

HealingIona can facilitate your ability to access memories of past lives, which may help you understand events and challenges in this life. Former agreements and decisions can be rethought in light of the very different needs of this life path. For example, a vow of poverty in another life can affect this life until it is looked at and changed.

Attunement With Guides

Iona has successfully facilitated a more open communication between a person and their guides. This can be very helpful and affect your daily life.

Talking With Your Unborn Child

Iona offers you the opportunity to consult with the soul incarnating as your child. Many decisions may be made during this consultation. Names can be chosen, past affiliations noted, and in some cases mutual decisions can be made with regard to continuing the pregnancy.

Spiritual Counseling

Iona can facilitate your coming to a greater awareness of challenges in your life and how you really want and/or need to handle them.

It is important to Iona that she never causes others to become dependent upon her for their answers, but rather that she encourage them to be dependent upon their own direct relationship with creation/Creator and their own spiritual belief path.

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