"No one has been given permission to reproduce or sell my artwork, yet someone is. If any of you see my artwork on any other site, I would appreciate it if you would contact me at"
Thank you! -- Iona

Iona Sharronmandelamandela


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"I have a personal Mandala-Shield painted by Iona Sharron. It is intricate, intense and intimately mine and (a representa- tion of) myself. It is perfect for me.
Though my Mandala has been with me for several years, as I plunge further into my life it reveals itself to me anew in different layers, a deeper knowing, challenging.
-- JH, Seattle, WA

"When I first saw the Mandala Iona channeled for me, I realized I was viewing my whole life purpose at depth."
-- Rev. J.G., Hawaii

"It fills me with peace and joy. It lifts me!"
-- M.B., Stockholm, Sweden

Your personal Mandala Shield can provide a daily source of inspiration and reflection.

"Iona intuitively perceives symbols reflecting one's soul journey or spiritual path."
--  A.W., Arizona USA

".....a faultlessly accurate personal representation of spiritual wisdom and universal vision......"
-- B.T., Seattle

"Iona is an extraordinary psychic artist, energy healer and spiritual teacher ... She is blessed with a depth of spiritual knowledge, wisdom, and broad life experience, leavened with patience and humor. . . I would recommend that you meet or take a class from or do energy work with lona, yourself.  I am confident you will be convinced, as we are, of her genuineness, her positive energy, and her complete integrity."
(C.O, Seattle, WA)


Explorations of Spiritual Growth

WelcomeAll of my Spiritual Growth work is driven by my intention to provide my fellows in this incarnation with a 'boost' for their own path of Spiritual Growth. My goal is to help all of us feel free to reawaken to full awareness  of the Wholeness that is inherently ours.”  
Iona has experienced a wide variety of mystical or psychic abilities throughout her life, but she didn't feel comfortable to share them in a world which seemed to fear or laugh at such things. But in 1974 her mentor, Ronald P. Beesley, internationally known healer and teacher of healing, urged Iona to begin her work as a healer and teacher, to continually expand her gifts and strive to share them with others. Iona has been doing various kinds of personal and planetary healing activities for decades, including the critically acclaimed, hand painted soul-reminders which she calls the Personal Mandala-Shield®.

sleeping reader!

How often have you wished you had been born with a "user's manual" to help you make decisions in your life? Iona Sharron’s custom hand painted Personal Mandala-Shield Paintings are visually symbolic representations of the spiritual goals you yourself have set for this life. After consulting with you, reflecting, and meditating, Iona paints a custom, personalized, beautiful mandala that becomes your energetic, daily reminder to encourage you to accomplish the goals you set yourself for this incarnation, bringing healing and balancing.  Iona has painted over 1,000 Mandala Shield paintings for people in 11 countries.  <MORE>
Classes and Workshops
Iona has developed a number of workshops and classes designed to develop or enhance your awareness and control of your personal energy fields and to explore your connection to the Earth and its mysteries. Some courses welcome familes while others are for adults. She holds classes in various venues and they can be hosted at your location.  Her experiential workshops cover a wide variety of topics from experiencing the nature kingdom, creating mandalas, and analyzing dreams.   <MORE>

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