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"I have a personal Mandala-Shield painted by Iona Sharron. It is intricate, intense and intimately mine and (a representa- tion of) myself. It is perfect for me.
Though my Mandala has been with me for several years, as I plunge further into my life it reveals itself to me anew in different layers, a deeper knowing, challenging.
-- JH, Seattle, WA

"When I first saw the Mandala Iona channeled for me, I realized I was viewing my whole life purpose at depth."
-- Rev. J.G., Hawaii

"It fills me with peace and joy. It lifts me!"
-- M.B., Stockholm, Sweden

Your personal Mandala Shield can provide a daily source of inspiration and reflection.

"Iona intuitively perceives symbols reflecting one's soul journey or spiritual path."
--  A.W., Arizona USA

".....a faultlessly accurate personal representation of spiritual wisdom and universal vision......"
-- B.T., Seattle

"Iona is an extraordinary psychic artist, energy healer and spiritual teacher ... She is blessed with a depth of spiritual knowledge, wisdom, and broad life experience, leavened with patience and humor. . . I would recommend that you meet or take a class from or do energy work with lona, yourself.  I am confident you will be convinced, as we are, of her genuineness, her positive energy, and her complete integrity."
(C.O, Seattle, WA)


Wedding Officiant

 Iona is an ordained SHES (Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards) Minister and is legally empowerd to conduct marriages. She believes that there should be no boundaries to the expression of our love for one another and it gives her great joy to create joining ceremonies for anyone, regardless of race or sexual orientation.

Your Ceremony

sleeping reader!There are so many sources for wonderful ideas for your ceremony. Before we meet, ask yourself some of these questions:

These questions can help you decide if you want religious, spiritual, or non-religious imagery in your ceremony.

The Process

sleeping reader!We begin with a 20-minute free phone consultation to see if the fit is right for us to work together.

Next, you choose the level of involvement I will have, which will help determine the fee. Payment is made before we begin work.

Then you collect together important writings you may want to include in your vows or blessings and we get together to begin planning the ceremony.

If you are getting legally married,  you obtain the necessary legal documents.

We conduct a rehersal, either formally or informally.

You have your ceremony! I sign any necessary documents.
(425 ) 640 - 8872 (9am to 7pm Pacific Time)

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