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"I have a personal Mandala-Shield painted by Iona Sharron. It is intricate, intense and intimately mine and (a representa- tion of) myself. It is perfect for me.
Though my Mandala has been with me for several years, as I plunge further into my life it reveals itself to me anew in different layers, a deeper knowing, challenging.
-- JH, Seattle, WA

"When I first saw the Mandala Iona channeled for me, I realized I was viewing my whole life purpose at depth."
-- Rev. J.G., Hawaii

"It fills me with peace and joy. It lifts me!"
-- M.B., Stockholm, Sweden

Your personal Mandala Shield can provide a daily source of inspiration and reflection.

"Iona intuitively perceives symbols reflecting one's soul journey or spiritual path."
--  A.W., Arizona USA

".....a faultlessly accurate personal representation of spiritual wisdom and universal vision......"
-- B.T., Seattle

"Iona is an extraordinary psychic artist, energy healer and spiritual teacher ... She is blessed with a depth of spiritual knowledge, wisdom, and broad life experience, leavened with patience and humor. . . I would recommend that you meet or take a class from or do energy work with lona, yourself.  I am confident you will be convinced, as we are, of her genuineness, her positive energy, and her complete integrity."
(C.O, Seattle, WA)


Experiencing The Nature Kingdom
Classes and WorkshopsParticipants learn to communicate with spirits of the Nature Kingdom, while expanding their awareness of, and commitment to, the world's natural order, oneness, and their place within it. These workshops include several hours of class work and experiential assimilation in a nature setting, usually on a Saturday or Sunday during warm weather.

andala Creation
Mandala WorkshopIn this workshop, participants will learn to access the language of their higher being, touching in with an energetic flow, often involving personal symbols and color. They will produce a personal artistic tool to aid them in their growth and transformation. It will be suitable for framing if desired. This class initiates a personal interaction with the visual levels of one’s spiritual self. As the saying goes, a picture really is worth a thousand words. Artistic ability is NOT NECESSARY. Students bring colored pens, pencils, crayons, etc. Iona supplies the paper and the know-how.

Dream Analysis
Dream WorkshopStudents learn a simple method of dream analysis to explore their own deeper awareness and understanding of their life's challenges and gifts. Students should bring one or more dreams, preferably written down immediately after waking. This method helps one interpret the symbolic "short-hand" of their own subconscious mind. It becomes a tool which each individual can use on their own for the rest of their lives.

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