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Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D. leads the Center. Dr. Giuliano has created innovative training programs for nearly 15 years. He has developed  professional development programs for NASA, the City of Seattle, Alaska Airlines, Archer, Daniel, Midlands, and many colleges and universities.

Employee Training

Read about how employees today need help with what used to be thought of as basic skills.

Vast amounts of information is now available due to the Internet and as that changes into a cloud-based environment, the amount of information available will increase even more. Keeping up with competition or even one's own field will be the major challenge.
As companies come out of these current economic downturns, they will be facing the challenge of coping with vast amounts of information from all corners of the globe. Who will survive? 

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How much is reading poorly and not remembering what you read costing you now?

lots of readingLook at it this way: If a person making $50,000 a year wastes one hour a day trying to find information for a report or reading slowly trying to keep up, that amounts to a $6,250 per year loss to the company (excluding benefits and overhead) in productivity . What if you read and remembered three times what you used to read and saved 3 hours in a day? That could be a $18,750 a year win for your company. Added to that is the income you make spending  more time  contacting clients, doing marketing, and other activities to grow your business.

One 6-hour day for training seems like a huge amount of time these days, but if you look at it as an investment and not an expense, it is easier to justify. It seems so easy to just keep on doing what you are doing, even if it is not working well, than to stop for a couple of days and learn something new.

What if your team of 25 people get only one-third the benefit we speak of and saved one hour a day? That one hour a day could result in a return to the organization of $156,250 per year. (And this does not include other benefits to the organization such as improved morale, better teamwork, better customer service, etc.) Over five years, the payback is $781,250.

Keep doing it the same old way or invest in a new approach? The choice is pretty clear.
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