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Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D. leads the Center. Dr. Giuliano has created innovative training programs for over 15 years. He has developed  professional development programs for NASA, the City of Seattle, and many colleges and universities.


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Speed Reading ResultsThat is what we all want, of course, but we don't get them often these days. Infomercials promise the world and deliver false testimonials and fine print that says "results not typical." Have you seen that infomercial where a host goes out into the street and EVERY person they talk to just happens to use their product?   

Our speed reading programs give results every time, and our results ARE typical, providing you with skills that will change many things in your life. Imagine never being afraid of information, of being overloaded or being behind. Imagine being able to keep up at school or work - always. Imagine remembering everything you read.

In class, you learn to take notes on an entire book on 1-page! 
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