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Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D. leads our Center. he has created innovative training programs for nearly 15 years. He has developed professional development programs for NASA, the City of Seattle, and many colleges and universities.




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Your presentation style is freeing! I never ask questions in class and in your class, I felt safe. Thank you.
(A.N. June 2012 Seattle Workshop Participant)







Your class was profound and inspiring and your post-class support will be treasured!  I did click the link and hopefully that has completed the opt-in circle. Thank you for doing what you do so well!
(P.F., February 2014 Seattle Workshop Participant)

"Profound and brilliant - thank you!"
(March 2012 Seattle Workshop Participant at the end of the class)

Jackie is a brilliant educator. He understands what motivates adults to learn and is skilled at organizing content and presentation in a way that makes sense and captures the learner's attention. The content of this class works very well in a 1-day format. The speed reading techniques he teaches are very simple and easy to learn. The most important thing is to keep an open mind! Really, the proof is in the results. My reading speed went from 325 wpm to 1200 wpm by the end of the day. The best part is my comprehension stayed the same at 60%. Invariably, you might wonder if you will still enjoy reading after beginning to speed read. I think I enjoy reading more, actually. I am more curious, and enjoy having the big picture so I can then know where to focus my energies. Once you start speed reading, you'll never go back!"
(Laurie M., January 2011 Seattle Workshop Participant)

"It was an honor to be taught these amazing tools by you! Great to be in the presence of an instructor that really knows his material and is passionate about the subject matter. . .  I am excited! I do a LOT of reading, and, entering my next to last year in law school, that will exponentially increase. What a great tool to apply in the dozens of textbooks and cases I will be reading!'"
(MB, October 2011 Seattle Workshop Participant)

Finally decided to give speed reading a try and I can't believe I've waited so long. The class has surpassed all my expectations, thanks to the amazing instructor and his fun teaching style. Jackie was really great at keeping the class entertaining and easy to follow. I feel that the information presented is invaluable and will most likely prove to be life-changing. I especially liked Jackie's way of approaching learning in general, encouraging people to be open minded about what our incredible minds can do. The information presented kind of blew my mind and at the end of the class I already knew that my reading speed and how I approach reading in general has improved significantly. I wish I had known this information before going through grad school but oh well. Really great class!
(AL, March 2014 Seattle Public Workshop Participant)

"I'm delighted that I got the opportunity to attend your class.  I'm giving myself permission to embrace something new. I have to say that the method you tought has had some profound effects on me.  It has not only enhanced my reading, but more important, my attitude towards life.  I consider this not just a speed reading class, but at a big picture level "speed life" class. I'm begining to focus on the big picture!"
(RA, January 2012 Seattle Workshop Participant)

"I really appreciate the weekly email support and the way you are telling us what, and how, our mind thinks ---- and to just get over it!  You definitely have the psychology aspect down!!!  . . .  It's become fun to do an overview and then question myself as to what I learned from it.  Just a few seconds and a whole chapter unfolds!"
(HJ, January 2012 Seattle Workshop Participant)

"I was amazed at the fast turn-around from using your techniques.  I find that even after just a few days I am going faster, retaining more, but most of all feeling my brain stimulated and interested in what I'm reading instead of being bored and discouraged.  I now look at the pile of unread and half-read books on my desk with excitement instead of dread.  I think I'll even use the techniques to tackle all of the blogs and professional articles I never get around to reading.  I may also finally be able to catch up to my wife, who is a naturally fast reader and is constantly devouring books."
(MC, Seattle 2012 public workshop)

“I attended Dr. Giuliano's beginning speed reading course in July, 2011. It is clear that he takes great joy in working with people, which he does so remarkably well. His genuine warmth and regard for the success of those he works with is clear. I felt the course was very effective and valuable in helping me to start speed reading, and the follow-up support Dr. Giuliano offers has been exceptional.”
(DM, Seattle 2011 public workshop)

"Great, I loved it!! I took the one day workshop and am recommending it far and wide, to anyone who loves to plow through academic texts, journals, etc.. I wouldn't read Melville this way, but most of my reading is nonfiction, so I'm all in! I signed up, not due to speed issues, but absorption, focus and retention. As I practice this method, I'm not only relieved to have improved in those areas, but also very pleased with the speed improvement.
(Mary G., Seattle 2012 public workshop)

"I teach high school and one of my students was taking some amazing notes in an unusual format. The notes were so full and rich that I wanted to find out where he learned that method. He told me about the class and I am so glad I came!"
(Seattle public workshop participant, 2012)

"After some practicing on the book I read in the class, this morning I applied the techniques to my Bible reading. I was able to read through the 1st book of Corinthians in about 40 minutes. The exciting part was that I was able to gain insights into the book that I never got before, mostly from the fact that I took in the whole book in at once. Another exciting part was that I was energized through the process, instead of trying hard to not fall asleep.  I am so excited about taking your class and what it enables me to do. Thank you!. "
(LB, October 2011 Seattle Workshop Participant)

"Your teaching style is spectacular.  I wish that my law school, undergraduate, and grade school teachers approached discussion and information dissemination the way you do.  Based on my current life philosophies, I would have found your class to be extremely rewarding even without making any improvement in my reading speed."
(SR, February 2012 Seattle Workshop Participant)

''Just wanted to thank you again.  Since I left school to start my company almost ten years ago my reading has dropped off significantly.  In the last two weeks I’ve read 3 books and remembered how much I love learning and how much taking in and new information helps me to define who I am and how I view the world.  Sounds corny but it’s true.  Anyway, I can’t thank you enough."
(Chris R., sent 1-1/2 weeks after taking the workshop)

"I'm going to go home and tackle that 1,000 page book I have been putting off for months. Now I know how to get what I need from it without being intimidated." 
(January 2011 Seattle Workshop Participant)

"I really enjoyed your speed reading course and YES I am using it. I've plowed through more than 30 business books since we last spoke. "
(J.O., February 2011 Seattle Workshop Participant)

"I found your class educational, encouraging, and empowering.  I will definitely recommend it to others, and I look forward to taking other classes from you. (I fully plan on signing up for your advanced workshop in a few months.)  Thank you for providing this valuable knowledge to the community."
(MD, 2012 Seattle Workshop Participant)

February 2012 request to unsubscribe from the weekly practice emails: "I don't feel I need the emails anymore.  Thanks for a great workshop!"
(D.K., 2011 Seattle Workshop Participant)

Thank you Jackie, also two things:
1st - I was skeptical when you said it was possible to proofread documents while speed reading - big part of my job. But as I keep practicing, I think I have improved my awareness to catch typos!

2nd - I noticed two typos in your PowerPoint during class - both in headers - one was on the astronaut page and the other toward the end of class on the screen you were writing to illustrate notetaking. Thank you so much for the class!!
(D.B., December 2011 Seattle Workshop Participant)

Thanks for the email updates and practice ideas.  You know I have been working at it since taking the class several weeks ago and it is starting to work.  I am going to sign up my two college age girls for a class this summer as I am sold on the concept and enjoyed your presentation of the material. Thanks again for the tips!"
(S.C., March 2011 Seattle Workshop Participant)

"I think it's wonderful, how committed you are to staying in touch with us to support us.  Thank you!"
(MA, 2011 Workshop Participant)

"The background you gave about how most of us learned how to read, and some of the consequences of that learning--falling asleep, losing one's place, frustration and stress--was eye opening (both figuratively and literally).  You were describing my experience exactly when I was going through high school, college, and graduate school.  I confess to having thrown and and even torn books in half in frustration after trying unsuccessfully to cram the contents into my head.  I wish I had taken a class like yours years ago; it would have saved me (and my family who had to deal with me) a lot of pain and frustration."
(MC, 2012 Seattle Workshop Participant)

"I have known for some time that my reading skills needed attention. I suffered from some of the symptoms of reading to slow - reading makes me tired, I would have to re-read sections as my mind would wander while I was reading, etc.

I walked into the class reading just under 200 words per minute with an 80% recall and retention rate. After . . . working with Jackie Giuliano, I was reading at just under 1,000 words per minute with the same retention rates and my skills have only improved since the class

My son and I attended the class with the specific task us of helping my son to focus on standardized tests. We were under time constraints which Jackie gladly accommodated, . . .. He worked well with my son and has offerd continuing support with the learning program."   (Eddie, Seattle)

"I am really enjoying my leisure reading (including all of the newspapers I like to keep up on). Speed reading is a perfect tool because – as I [tell] everyone  - I am in control and now have a resource that allows me to dive as deep as I want/need to go. I am no longer “boxed in” to a single process when I want to read something. It is truly a paradigm shift to think I have options on how to read. I love it!"   RM, Seattle

"I really enjoyed the workshop on Sunday. I feel it's having a big impact on my reading already, which is mainly anatomy and physiology textbooks."  Paula (January 2011 Seattle class)

"Jackie, I really enjoyed your class this weekend. Also, I appreciate all the other stuff you're up to... flipped through your book today as well. Your approach resonates deeply with my path. Cheers!" Gwen (October 2010 class)

"I started grad school yesterday and would have been completely intimidated by the reading but I used the technique and it just puts things in perspective...what the entire book will encompass, what I can skip or just overview, and reading something in a short amount of time before the class rather than waiting until I had time afterward and being totally lost. I'm still slow, but still faster than I was or at least more efficient with my time. [and it's only the second day of my practice!] Thanks again!" 
TW, Seattle (June 2010 class)

"I am going to encourage my children to attend. My daughter and her husband as well as my 16 y/o son. I have three younger ones that I will encourage to attend as well.  It is amazing how quickly I picked up this. I have a coach from Tony Robbins, Inc and I appreciated your comments early in class about believing you can do it. Thanks again!"
JA, Seattle (March 2011 class)

"Thanks so much for an interesting and unquestionably helpful class. As I mentioned to you, I had previously done an online course, but as expected there was not the personal encouragement or much of an explanation regarding what to expect over the course of the next several weeks. The background information you gave in such a relaxed style, coupled with the gift of copious resources will go a long way in making this a life-long practice for me now.  Thanks again, Jackie. I doubt I'll ever crack a book without having a brief reflection on this class. It's a life-changer."
BM, Seattle (December 2009 class)

I just want to thank you for this past weekend's class! You are a terrific speaker and I could not have enjoyed the class more. I am thoroughly excited about the possibilities with my new found knowledge; it [already made] my studies so much easier last night. I have already sent info about the classes to two friends [who] will be talking this class up [soon].  Also, thanks for sending all the information. It will be used a lot and I appreciate your taking the time to send to all of us. 
CA, Seattle (January 2010 class)

I just wanted to thank you again for the great class and also let you know that I will definitely refer other folks to the program.
CW, Seattle (January 2010 class)

"I had the pleasure of spending two days in Jackie's Speed Reading workshop recently. At the beginning of the workshop, I tested 200 words per minute with 60 percent retention. At the end, I was reading 800 words per minute with the same retention rate. I would have been delighted had I only doubled my reading speed, but quadrupling it? I'm thrilled. 

Jackie was also a pleasure to work with, a patient coach who makes learning enjoyable and brings his rich work experience - which includes a stint working at the Jet Propulsion Lab - to teaching. Taking this workshop does present me with one problem: devouring books at four times normal speed gives me an unfair advantage over my competition. And since I'm all about collaboration over competition, my only recourse is to spread the word - take this course if you want to keep up! "
-- DM - Business Networking Website Co-Founder, Seattle, WA

"I was skeptical coming in - but now I am a true believer! I can't believe how much I am getting from the book while going so fast."
-- Head of HR for a Major U.S. Airline Training Program who started out reading 180 words per minute and left the  workshop reading 809 words per minute.

"Thank you sooooo much! Our son was excited about it after the first day. He was reading yesterday in school and his teacher stopped him and told him to start over because "nobody reads that fast." He explained what he did over the weekend. The teacher was very skeptical, took his book, and said he would e-mail his dad - our son said go ahead! The next day, he got a 98% on the test!!!!!! We were thrilled to say the least.We are really anticipating this helping him in school . . .  I cannot thank you enough. We really appreciate your time and efforts and really do feel it was worth the money, the time etc. Thanks again."
-- B., Yakima, Washington: Her 15-year old came in reading 173 words per minute at 60 percent comprehension and left after the 2-day, 12-hour workshop reading 650 words per minute at 92 percent comprehension.

I couldn't believe what the program did for me. I was reading barely 300 words per minute with meodicre concentration. After the two day workshop, I was reading over 2,400 words per minute and remembering everything! Thank you."
J - Los Angeles, CA

"My 13-year old son was doing so poorly in school that we were desperate. He barely read 115 words per minute. At the end of the workshop, he was reading over 1,500 words per minute with 90 percent comprehension. Thank you so much!"
KC - Burbank, CA