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Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D. leads our Center. he has created innovative training programs for nearly 15 years. He has developed professional development programs for NASA, the City of Seattle, and many colleges and universities.

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One-on-One Executive Training


"I am really enjoying my leisure reading (including all of the newspapers I like to keep up on). Speed reading is a perfect tool because – as I [tell] everyone  - I am in control and now have a resource that allows me to dive as deep as I want/need to go. I am no longer “boxed in” to a single process when I want to read something. It is truly a paradigm shift to think I have options on how to read. I love it!"  Seattle Executive Program Graduate

Designed for busy and demanding executives, our speed reading program will teach you a whole new way to read in two fast-paced, personalized 3-hour sessions, conducted at your home or office. You will increase your reading speed dramatically and during the course of your practice over the weeks following the training, your comprehension will steadily increase.

 I have been practicing and teaching these skills for the last 20 years and I am not exaggerating when I say it changed my life and the way I look at information. The program teaches an entirely new way to read, a way that is based on the way your brain wants information. Most people get sleepy while they read, lose their place constantly, and have trouble remembering because they are reading too slowly. Slow reading creates chaos and boredom in our very capable minds.

 Executive ProgramThe program has four principle outcomes:
1) training your eyes to read multiple words at a time using your peripheral vision,

2) reading without vocalizing in your mind – learning to see the words and realize that you know what they mean and you don’t really need to think about it,

3) letting the meaning and ideas of the book build through multiple passes through it, and

4) integrating a powerful notetaking technique into your reading process. These principles allow reading speeds in the thousands of words per minute with outstanding comprehension rather than the 100 to 300 words per minute that most people read with barely 72 percent comprehension at best.

 In the customized executive training, the program is accomplished in two 3-hour days (the public program consists of two consecutive six-hour days) with an hour-long follow-up in six to eight weeks and unlimited email and phone support. If you practice each day for 21-days following the training, the process will start to feel within your comfort zone. If time is a critical factor, the program can be delivered in many different formats. As with any new skill, the more practice time we have together, the better.

 The new skills are actually very straightforward and easy, but they feel challenging because the way most people read is a left-brained conditioned behavior that has been in place since the first or second grade. Like any conditioning and habit, it takes some time and patience to change, but the rewards are quite worth the effort. 

Here is how we would use our time:

                         Day 1                                                Day 2

1st Hour: Identification of reading challenges, rationale for the process, assessment of current reading speed.

1st Hour: Review and practice of individual techniques. Integration of techniques into Triple Reading Process.
2nd Hour: Explanation and practice of the four speed reading techniques. Practice with different types of reading material.

2nd Hour: Practice of Triple Reading Process, customization of the process for different kinds of books and material, integration of notetaking.
3rd Hour: Description of notetaking techniques and practice. More practice with speed reading techniques. identification of the Triple Reading Process where the techniques are applied and customized for each book. 3rd Hour: Continued practice. Specialized whole process drill. Ending assessment of reading speed and comprehension.

 Any level of customization is possible. If consecutive days were impractical, the sessions could be separated by a few days or even a week. I look forward to getting you these wonderful skills.



"Jackie is a brilliant educator. He understands what motivates adults to learn and is skilled at organizing content and presentation in a way that makes sense and captures the learner's attention. . . Once you start speed reading, you'll never go back!"
(Laurie M., January 2011 Seattle Workshop Participant)

"I'm going to go home and tackle that 1,000 page book I have been putting off for months. Now I know how to get what I need from it without being intimidated." 
(January 2011 Seattle Workshop Participant)

"I am really enjoying my leisure reading (including all of the newspapers I like to keep up on). Speed reading is a perfect tool because – as I [tell] everyone  - I am in control and now have a resource that allows me to dive as deep as I want/need to go. I am no longer “boxed in” to a single process when I want to read something. It is truly a paradigm shift to think I have options on how to read. I love it!"   RM, Seattle

"I really enjoyed the workshop on Sunday. I feel it's having a big impact on my reading already, which is mainly anatomy and physiology textbooks."  Paula (January 2011 Seattle class)

"Jackie, I really enjoyed your class this weekend. Also, I appreciate all the other stuff you're up to... flipped through your book today as well. Your approach resonates deeply with my path. Cheers!" Gwen (October 2010 class)

"I started grad school yesterday and would have been completely intimidated by the reading but I used the technique and it just puts things in perspective...what the entire book will encompass, what I can skip or just overview, and reading something in a short amount of time before the class rather than waiting until I had time afterward and being totally lost. I'm still slow, but still faster than I was or at least more efficient with my time. [and it's only the second day of my practice!] Thanks again!" 
TW, Seattle (June 2010 class)

"Thanks so much for an interesting and unquestionably helpful class. As I mentioned to you, I had previously done an online course, but as expected there was not the personal encouragement or much of an explanation regarding what to expect over the course of the next several weeks. The background information you gave in such a relaxed style, coupled with the gift of copious resources will go a long way in making this a life-long practice for me now.  Thanks again, Jackie. I doubt I'll ever crack a book without having a brief reflection on this class. It's a life-changer."
BM, Seattle (December 2009 class)

I just want to thank you for this past weekend's class! You are a terrific speaker and I could not have enjoyed the class more. I am thoroughly excited about the possibilities with my new found knowledge; it [already made] my studies so much easier last night. I have already sent info about the classes to two friends [who] will be talking this class up [soon].  Also, thanks for sending all the information. It will be used a lot and I appreciate your taking the time to send to all of us. 
CA, Seattle (January 2010 class)

I just wanted to thank you again for the great class and also let you know that I will definitely refer other folks to the program.
CW, Seattle (January 2010 class)

"I had the pleasure of spending two days in Jackie's Speed Reading workshop recently. At the beginning of the workshop, I tested 200 words per minute with 60 percent retention. At the end, I was reading 800 words per minute with the same retention rate. I would have been delighted had I only doubled my reading speed, but quadrupling it? I'm thrilled. 

Jackie was also a pleasure to work with, a patient coach who makes learning enjoyable and brings his rich work experience - which includes a stint working at the Jet Propulsion Lab - to teaching. Taking this workshop does present me with one problem: devouring books at four times normal speed gives me an unfair advantage over my competition. And since I'm all about collaboration over competition, my only recourse is to spread the word - take this course if you want to keep up! "
-- DM - Business Networking Website Co-Founder, Seattle, WA

"I was skeptical coming in - but now I am a true believer! I can't believe how much I am getting from the book while going so fast."
-- Head of HR for a Major U.S. Airline Training Program who started out reading 180 words per minute and left the 12-hour workshop reading 809 words per minute.

"Thank you sooooo much! Our son was excited about it after the first day. He was reading yesterday in school and his teacher stopped him and told him to start over because "nobody reads that fast." He explained what he did over the weekend. The teacher was very skeptical, took his book, and said he would e-mail his dad - our son said go ahead! The next day, he got a 98% on the test!!!!!! We were thrilled to say the least.We are really anticipating this helping him in school . . .  I cannot thank you enough. We really appreciate your time and efforts and really do feel it was worth the money, the time etc. Thanks again."
-- B., Yakima, Washington: Her 15-year old came in reading 173 words per minute at 60 percent comprehension and left after the 2-day, 12-hour workshop reading 650 words per minute at 92 percent comprehension.