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Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D. leads our Center. he has created innovative training programs for nearly 15 years. He has developed  professional development programs for NASA, the City of Seattle, and many colleges and universities.
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Vast amounts of information is now available due to the Internet. Keeping up with competition or even one's own field will be the major challenge for companies in the coming years.
As companies come out of these current economic downturns, they will be facing the challenge of coping with vast amounts of information from all corners of the globe.
Who will survive?

Speed Reading Tips
Become a Master Learner


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"Taking this workshop does present me with one problem: devouring books at four times normal speed gives me an unfair advantage over my competition. And since I'm all about collaboration over competition, my only recourse is to spread the word - take this course if you want to keep up! "
--  Dan M., BIZNIK Networking Website Co-Founder, Seattle, WA

We guarantee your results by giving you lifetime support by phone or email.



Executive Training

For the time-strapped executive, our program is presented in two three-hour days with a follow-up session 4 to 6 weeks later.  This one-on-one program is efficient and effective. Your reading speed will be 2 to 5 times faster by the second day and your comprehension will build over the weeks that follow.

Since the proliferation of the Internet, executive productivity has been significantly reduced. There is no way to keep up with the resulting information overload the way most of us have been taught to read.  Our speed reading program shows you an entirely new way to read that matches the way your brain wants the information. You will feel the difference and your inbox will melt away.


We think this program is important. In today's world, after the economic challenges are behind us, what new world will our workforce be faced with? In past recovery periods, businesses remade themselves with leaner processes, administrative procedures, and manufacturing. The new workforce that emerges today will have a different challenge - information processing.

Imagine spending a fraction of the time you now do in research, keeping up in your field, managing your inbox, and writing reports. Why struggle when a 1-day program gives you speed reading and power learning techniques to turn you and your staff into star performers spending 1/3 the time on tasks?



Professional Development

sleeping reader!

Imagine spending a fraction of the time you now do on grading papers, designing high quality lesson plans, and keeping up in your field. Imagine at least tripling your reading speed and dramatically improving your comprehension - for life.


Build confidence & self-esteem

Our workshops can greatly enhance personal growth and confidence in school and career. These permanent learning skills help you keep up with the flood of new information, overcome stress, help ace exams, and give you the competitive edge to excel in your career.