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Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D. leads the Center. Dr. Giuliano has created innovative training programs for nearly 15 years. He has developed  professional development programs for NASA, the City of Seattle, and many colleges and universities.



stack 1. Why should I learn to speed read?

To have more fun reading, to learn how to remember what you read, to have control over the information that may be overloading your life, to get ahead in school, or to become a super performer at work.

2. Does Speed Reading really work?

Yes. Millions of people have successfully become speed readers since the 1950's. There are no tricks - only proven techniques to transform the way you read into a process that matches the way your brain really wants to read.

3.  Is this about skipping words and skimming?

No. You see every word. We are giving you techniques that allow the true power of your brain to surface.

4. How long does it take to learn?

After the 1-day workshop, you will have a pretty good grasp of the techniques and you will at least triple your reading speed or more. Like with anything new, you need to practice and we recommend 21 days of practice, 10-minutes a day. At the end of that time, you will feel very comfortable with the process and it gets better every day.

5. Is a 1-day workshop enough to become a speed reader?

One day will be enough to learn the process.  But you need to practice, ideally 10 to 15 minutes a day for the next 21 days to start to feel comfortable with the process. But you don't need to be totally comfortable to start using it and benefiting from it right away.

6. Can anyone learn how to speed read?

Yes. Anyone. It doesn't matter if you did well in school or poorly or if you consider yourself a good reader or a poor one. Everyone can benefit from these skills.

7. I am dyslexic and and have always had trouble reading. Can this help?

Yes! These techniques take advantage of your brain's ability to know the meaning of what you read even if the words are out of order (or even spelled wrong), so your dyslexia won't get in the way.

8. How could I possibly enjoy reading this way?

Do you enjoy reading now? Most folks get drowsy while they read, lose their place, forget what they read 5 minutes after they read it, and find reading tedious. Speed reading will transform your relationship with reading and make learning fun, efficient, and very satisfying.

9. Will I remember more reading this way?

Yes! Your well-meaning elementary school teachers taught you that if you want to remember more, you slow down while you read. This is actually the opposite of the way your brain works. You actually remember  more when you read fast.

10. Why isn't everyone taught this in school?

Good question. They should. There is considerable resistance to changing "approved" curriculum in today's schools.  But more than that, the entire way our schools teach would have to change if students were taught to speed read. What if a 4th grader could finish their textbook in the first few days of the year? What if a high school student could finish  Romeo and Juliet in one night? Lots would have to change.

11. Will this help me at work?

You bet! Imagine reading and knowing your entire textbook in the first few days of the term? Imagine being able to read hundreds of Internet listings while doing research. Imagine having an incredible note-taking technique that lets you outline an entire 4-hour lecture or an entire book on one page? At work, most have trouble keeping up. What if you could read everything under discussion for a meeting in 20 minutes? These techniques can turn you into a superstar.

12. I never did well in school? Can this help me?

Yes! It doesn't matter at all how well you did in school. Everyone starts from the same place in learning Speed Reading.

13. I already read very fast? Why should I take this?

 If you are a naturally fast reader who remembers everything they read, who doesn't say words aloud in your head, who can read and remember a 100 page book in an hour, then you may not need our program. Otherwise, we'd love to see you! Also, people who are already super achievers know that they can never learn or explore too much.

14. I'd like to do this for my business, but I really can't afford the time.

Look at it this way: If a person making $50,000 a year wastes one hour a day trying to find information for a report or reading slowly trying to keep up, that amounts to a $6,250 per year (excluding benefits and overhead) loss to the company. What if you read and remembered three times what you used to read? You can see how the numbers work out! See more of this analysis.